Is a ceramic coating right for you?

Want to keep your vehicle looking its best with easier maintenance for years?

With a professional level ceramic coating your vehicle will have the best opportunity to look its best for years.
Coatings eliminate the need to keep waxing your vehicle. Proper washing techniques and quality products make maintaining your vehicle easy and delivers better results over a longer time period.

Every coating needs some level of maintenance in order to get the most out of it and the longevity you desire.

We proudly install Angelwax and IGL coatings.

5 steps to a beautiful shine that lasts

Our thorough car ceramic coating process enables us to provide customers with exceptional results each and every time. We will:

  • Remove any embedded contaminants on and in the clear coat both chemically and mechanically
  • Wash the vehicle's exterior
  • Use touch-up paint to correct any imperfections found
  • Remove any scratches and polish the paint to make everything look flawless
  • Apply a protective ceramic coating

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